The Culture

ESD Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration

ECE students learn an amazing amount. They become proficient in cutting edge technology and can work on solving the broadest set of problems facing people today as well as the most interesting kinds of problems in the world today. Bottom line: ECEs make the world a better place! 

The Excellence and Senior Design Showcase highlights a wide range of design problems that ECE students tackled in the course of their senior projects.

Of course, everyone can agree that an opportunity to participate in a national competition and bring prestige to your university through your accomplishments is a great collegiate experience! The Excellence in Senior Design Showcase is the answer for the southwest region. The first showcase took place in May 2019 with 13 universities taking part from TX, NM, and AZ. The team from UT El Paso was awarded the inaugural “Best Engineering Design” award. Major Corporations supported student participation and judged their submissions. 

"Electrical & Computer Engineers make the world a better place!"

ECEF Mission

ECEDHA’s mission is to foster advancement in the disciplines of electrical and computer engineering.

Throughout its history, ECEDHA has developed a strong and well-utilized array of programs and services for ECE department heads and faculty members throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition, ECEDHA fosters communications within the profession, industry, government, and other communities of interest with a collaborative goal of further advancing the industry.

The ECE Foundation has been established to guide, support, and fund these significant educational programming activities while ensuring the long-term viability of the Association.

ECEF Vision

Through its programs and activities, ECEDHA strengthens the intellectual infrastructure underpinning the engineering achievements and societal benefits realized through a healthy and vibrant community of educators in electrical and computer engineering.

The ECE Foundation offers the means for those who share ECEDHA’s vision to support the Association and ensure its financial stability.